Our firm represents individuals, businesses, limited liability companies, partnerships, general partnerships, corporations, and trusts in matters with tax implications by identifying and addressing state and federal tax issues and structuring transactions in such a way as to minimize taxes and avoid inherent tax problems. Taxes affect everyone. Wage earners, retired persons, small business owners, company executives, partners in investment ventures, and personal investors, as well as those trying to save for a child’s education or who are nearing the end of life, are significantly affected by tax law.

We are proud to have an attorney serving in this area like Randy Page, who is Board Certified in Tax Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Our firm assists in identifying and addressing various tax-related issues, such as:

Personal income taxes
Planning for business sales and acquisitions
Establishing new businesses
Restructuring existing business
Planning transactions between business owners
Planning real-estate transactions
Executive compensation planning
Deferred compensation planning
Retirement planning
Planning involving wills, estates, gifts, and trusts
Charitable planning
Year-end tax planning

Practicing in this area:

Lee Allgood

John Burleson

Rodney A. Chamness II

Artie G. Giotes

C. Scott Omo

Jack Randall Page