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Our support staff team works under the direction of the various attorneys. Our paralegals do not answer legal questions, but they use their years of experience in the legal field to assist our clients and manage the details of various client matters.

Laurie Brown – Laurie has been with our firm since 2018 as our receptionist. She works with all of our attorneys on a daily basis and assists clients in communicating with our attorneys and staff. Laurie’s email address is recep@pakislaw.com.

Jeff Curry – Jeff joined the firm in 2021 in an executive administrative management role. He worked in the consulting industry for 20 years where he was a partner and shareholder. Recently was a VP of Operations in the aviation industry. He has his BBA from the University of Texas @ Austin. He currently serves as a board member for Hill Country Christian School of Austin. Jeff’s email is jac@pakislaw.com.

Donna Dendy, PP, PLS – Donna has been with our firm since 1996 and has four decades of legal experience. She is certified as a Certified Professional Paralegal and a Professional Legal Secretary with NALS (the association for legal professionals). Donna is a past national president of NALS. She is the probate and estate-planning/real-estate paralegal responsible for assisting Artie Giotes, Carlie Gause, Randy Page, Scott Omo and David Alford. Donna prepares pleadings, real estate documents, estate tax returns, and has direct client communications. Donna’s email address is dkd@pakislaw.com.

Emily Folsom – Emily has been with our firm since 2018. She is a litigation paralegal responsible primarily for assisting David Deaconson, Mike Cosby, Jim Hering and Travis Blake in various litigation matters. Emily schedules depositions, prepares pleadings, works on appellate briefs, and has direct client communications. Emily’s email address is emf@pakislaw.com.

Phyllis Herrington – Phyllis has been with our firm since 1988. She is a part-time staff member responsible primarily for the library and assisting in other administrative duties, such as billing. Phyllis is in the office Tuesday through Friday.

Kristy Higginbotham – Kristy has been with our firm since 2008. She is the corporate paralegal responsible primarily for assisting John Burleson, Randy Page, Rodney A. Chamness, and Scott Omo in business and commercial matters, business entity creation and maintenance, and federal and state taxation matters, as well as trademark and licensing issues. Kristy’s email address is kmh@pakislaw.com.

Karen Kirkpatrick – Karen has been with our firm since 2001 and is the financial administrator. Karen is responsible for all parts of the financial process, including the preparation of client invoices, firm’s accounts payable and accounts receivable, payroll, and the preparation of financial statements. She is able to answer questions related to the billing process, including management of LawPay, our online payment platform. Karen’s email address is krk@pakislaw.com.

Debbie Louge – Debbie has been with our firm since 2016. Debbie has an Associate Degree as a legal assistant and has over twenty-five years of legal experience. Debbie works primarily with the corporate and estate planning attorneys and, as needed, the litigation attorneys. Debbie prepares estate-planning documents, litigation documents, and assists with business entity creation and maintenance. Debbie is an active member of the Waco Legal Professionals Association. Debbie’s email address is dml@pakislaw.com.

Dan Pullin – Dan has been with our firm since 1988. He meets the needs of attorneys and staff in his daily office administrative duties as well as performing the roles of firm Courier and Purchasing Agent. Dan’s email address is dwp@pakislaw.com.

Annette Stansberry – Annette has been with our firm since 2006. She works with litigation, estate planning, and probate law attorneys in preparing their documents and correspondence. Annette’s email address is aps@pakislaw.com.

Carol Woolston – Carol has been with our firm since 1981. Carol is a real estate, collections, and litigation paralegal responsible primarily for assisting Carlie Gause, Marcus Mataga, Mike Cosby, and David Alford in various real estate, collections, and litigation matters. She schedules depositions, prepares real estate loan documents and pleadings, and has direct client communications. Carol’s email address is cwl@pakislaw.com.