New Executor Appointed to Administer Late Singer’s Estate

The estate administration process can be quite complex, with plenty of opportunities arising for disputes and amongst beneficiaries in Waco. To help ensure that it goes smoothly, one can work to be as transparent as they can be while mapping out their estate plans.

Many understand that being open during the estate planning can be difficult (as those affected by one’s decisions may express their displeasure). Yet when confronted with the alternative of chaos and contention erupting between family members, one can see why it is necessary.

Contradicting Wills Cause Contention

The estate administration case of the late singing icon Aretha Franklin serves to illustrate this point. Franklin died in 2018 without apparently leaving a will behind. Her estate case appeared to be on course for a swift settlement, with her four sons each receiving an equal portion. However, two handwritten wills were subsequently discovered in her home, both seemingly contradicting each other. This touched off a dispute between her sons regarding the administration of her estate, over which the late singer’s niece had been presiding. Yet complaints from Franklin’s youngest son over the niece’s handling of the estate led her to step down from the role of executor. A probate judge in Franklin’s home state of Michigan recently appointed a long-time friend of Franklin’s to step in and fill the role.

Ensuring an Easy Administration

While it may be true that no amount of planning can completely eliminate the potential of heirs disputing their interest in one’s estate, taking the right steps can certainly help lower the odds of that happening. Those looking for assistance with the estate planning process may find it in the form of an experienced attorney.

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