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On behalf of Pakis, Giotes, Burleson & Deaconson, P.C. Nov. 6, 2019

Nobody enjoys dealing with taxes, except maybe accountants. As a business owner in Texas, taxes are just something you have to take care of to keep things running. They can be quite complex, though, so you need to make sure that you are doing everything correctly whenever you complete tax forms, make payments or do anything else associated with them.

One of the ways to get on the right track with your taxes is to identify common mistakes other business owners make, suggests Entrepreneur. With that in mind, here are three of the top tax mistakes that entrepreneurs make.

1. Not Keeping Business and Personal Money Separate

It is easy to mix your personal and business finances, but this makes it difficult come tax time. Sorting out what belongs to you and what belongs to your business is not an easy task. Plus, it invites mistakes. So, always keep your finances separate.

2. Not Keeping Good Records

Recordkeeping and taxes go hand in hand. You really have to ensure that you account for all the money going into and coming out of your business. You should keep meticulous records, including receipts and other proof of your accounts payable and receivable. Make sure that you have a record of anything and everything relating to the finances of your business.

3. Making the Wrong Business Structure Choice

Your business structure will affect your overall business operations in many ways and taxes is one of them. If you choose the wrong structure, it could really mess up your tax situation and cost you money. So, when making this choice, make sure that you get guidance on what is best for your intended business plans.

Make sure that you take your taxes seriously. A seemingly small mistake could end up costing you a lot of money, so avoid mistakes and make sure you handle your taxes properly.